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PARIS – Charlize Theron’s publicity campaign for her latest line in fragrance – Je Suis Charlize – has been pulled due to issues of taste.

A spokesperson for the actress said:

This campaign has been planned for months and it was only when we actually had the launch party and everyone looked at the adverts and the poster that we thought ‘oh wait!’ Lenny Kravitz was actually the first person to notice, because he reads newspapers and stuff. We didn’t want to cause any offence, though we did think about continuing with the adverts anyway. I mean, we’re also sure that Charlie Hebdo, being a satirical magazine, will fully understand our mistake and forgive us.

This is not the first time the actress has accidentally courted controversy. In 2001 her German football kit fashion top Nein 11 was misinterpreted as a reference to Obama Bin Laden’s attack on the Twin Towers. And more recently her Hurricane Katrina swimwear collection was pulled due to perceived insensitivity. However, Charlize Theron has always been dismissive of criticism. ‘I was in Prometheus,’ she told the Studio Exec.

And I consider that the way an action hero in the 80s would think of Vietnam. It hardened me. Turned me into a weird kind of killing machine. I consider good taste to just be Brian Dennehy in  a sheriff’s uniform telling me to move on. I mean, you’ve seen Prometheus, right?

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