HOLLYWOOD – Following on from the ‘success’ of The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner, director and screenwriter Tony Gilroy has released details of his follow up film in the Bourne franchise The Bourne Irrelevancy.

Jeremy Renner returns as Someone Else (AKA not Bourne or Aaron Cross), the running and jumping super hero who consistently gets out of confusing and complicated if not intricate and ultimately bewildering (did I already say confusing) situations, via running very fast indeed, and punching with his fists. Renner said that he was thrilled to cash the check. “I bought a boat,” he laughed, pointing to a picture of a boat he carries around with him in his wallet.

Gilroy stated today: “A lot of people bitched and moaned about Bourne not really being in the last one and so we put it in the title as kind of a fuck you.”

Would you ever bring Matt Damon back into the role?

“Sure,” says Gilroy, gnashing. “I’m ready to let bygones be bygones and show there’s no bad blood. If that no talent asshole wants to come back, I would open him with welcome arms.”

The Bourne Irrelevancy will reveal that not only is there another secret black ops agency under the secret black ops agency, but there’s nothing but black ops secret agencies all the way up to the President and down to the guy who empties the bins at McDonalds.

The Bourne Irrelevancy is due to be released in 2015.

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