Sunday 20 September 2020
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SAN DIEGO – The new pictures published today revealed the Batman costume in startling detail for the Zach Snyder film Superman Vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice.  

Ben Affleck, speaking about the costume, had this to say:

We were going for something that was going to be more naturalistic. If you look at Christian Bale or even Michael Keaton, they are still very tied to a comic book aesthetic. As soon as Zach and I got together we began to speak about how we could make this more real.

Uber Fan Kevin Smith gave the costume his blessing, calling it: ‘frighteningly realistic’. Many are now wondering about the direction Affleck might take in his vocal performance following Christian Bales much maligned grouchy dog impressions. Affleck said:

We did experiment with actual bat sounds but most of the time they are actually inaudible to the human ear and if not, they’re quite painful to listen to for protracted periods of time. So we’ve opted for me speaking in a very, very high pitched voice.

Superman Vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice will be released in 2016.

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