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HOLLYWOOD – Netflix have cancelled Black Mirror, saying that it was ‘redundant.’

In an act some are calling unprecedented, Netflix have decided to cancel the fourth season of popular sci-fi anthology show Black Mirror. They released a statement earlier today:

We love the show Black Mirror and are fully committed to having it come back some time soon. It is a dark dystopian view at society that is thrillingly intelligent. The fact is, however, 2017 is so depressing we just feel that Black Mirror dropping in the middle of it might be some kind of tipping point. Not to mention the fact that the show predicts stuff which is already coming true. In our first show the British Prime Minister f*cked a pig. And guess what happened soon afterwards.

So for the sake of everyone we feel it will be better if we put it on the back burner. Anyone disappointed and feeling withdrawal can just turn on CNN.

The show’s creator Charlie Brooker told the Studio Exec:

I fully concur with the decision. I love the show, obviously, but we really don’t need it at the moment.

CNN will be available from Friday.

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