Breaking bad spin-off.

HOLLYWOOD – AMC has announced another Breaking Bad spin-off will roll into production. Titled ‘Pinkman’, the series will focus on the character of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) who is trying to start a new life in a new city but finding it difficult not to slip back into his old ways.

“I think it’s the best script I’ve written,” said Breaking Bad svengali Vince Gilligan.

The basic plot is this. Jesse starts cooking Meth again, his own recipe that is just as good as the Crystal Blue but in order to avoid linking himself to Heisenberg he adds a different dye.  Unfortunately the color he chooses is Pink, which is a dumb f*cking thing to do if you’ re a notorious meth cook with the surname Pinkman.  Anyway, he ends up being cornered by the police and after a shoot-out he falls into a vat of the pink meth but rather than die, he mutates and becomes a psychotic super-villain with amphetamine blood and the strength of ten men. Oh, and he has a cool pink Cadillac and a Chinese sidekick called ‘Mr Boo’.

Asked which other characters will appear in the show, Gilligan grinned:

Well it just so happens the city Jesse ended up in is a little city called Gotham.

Asked again which other characters will appear in the show, Gilligan became exasperated:

You know. GOTHAM. Kapow, Miaow, Ha ha ha ha ha!

Asked for a third time which other characters will appear in the show, Gilligan lost his temper:

Get the f*ck out of my office.

Pinkman is due for release in 2017

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