HOLLYWOOD – Today Net Neutrality was threatened- possibly fatally wounded – by the imminent decision of the Federal Communications Commission to allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Comcast and Verizon to fast track parts of the internet (who will pay for the privilege) and thereby create a two tier system.

Of course for the fast track to be in anyway attractive, the slow track will have to be markedly slower. So this is not the case of getting a faster bit of the internet at a premium and everything else still going the same speed, but rather of slowing down the internet – effectively breaking it, or leaving it in a state of disrepair – and then charging to have it returned to normal. Bloggers, start ups, non-profit organisation, the digital commons will be at risk of  irrelevancy while the internet basically becomes the Yahoo/Amazon/i-tunes/Netflix shopping mall.

The Studio Exec would almost certainly be a site that would suffer from such a change, but there are far more important issues pertaining to freedom of information and the death of net neutrality would have a fundamental impact on the very nature of the internet. 

As such please sign this petition and help to raise an issue which is quietly changing everything.

Click Here to sign the petition. 

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