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HOLLYWOOD – The 22nd of December sees the nationwide celebration of National Steve Guttenberg Day and street parties are planned all across the US.

The Winter solstice is usually famous for inspiring John Donne poems and making everyone feel chilly, but since 1982 National Steve Guttenberg Day has shone like a beacon of hope in the National calendar, proving that even after the longest and darkest and coldest day, hope will be born anew. Celebrations are due to begin in Times Square, New York where a massive inflatable Guttenberg has been blown up by a team of volunteers. Ice sculptures of the Gutt have drawn visitors from far and wide to Fargo, North Dakota.  And later today a tiny army of microscopic Guttenbergs, who have been genetically engineered, are going to be released onto Christmas shoppers to the delight of the terrified children.

Organiser Ben Kingsley spoke to the Studio Exec:

Our aim is to raise awareness of Steve Guttenberg wherever and however we can. He was an inspiration to a whole generation of actors. You watch There Will Be Blood and ask yourself, ‘could Daniel Day Lewis have done that without Steve’s example in Three Men and a Little Lady?’ No, of course he couldn’t. Where would he have got the nerve? The technical skill.

Of course the highlight of Steve Guttenberg Day will climax with a massive firework display in San Diego, California, where Guttenberg hinself is expected to attend and where – as is traditional – he will be murdered by his own doppelgänger in a weird Golden Bough style ceremony.

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