HOLLYWOOD – The National Aeronautics and Space Agency – or NASA as they prefer to be known – have slammed the new film Son of God as ‘utterly implausible’, stating that the film ‘makes a series of claims which are simply inconsistent with the way we know the universe works.’

The agency went on:

We saw a very white happy Jesus (Diogo Morgado) perform a series of acts which blatantly defied the laws of nature. These ‘miracles’ were supposed to be a part of the proof of his ‘divinity’ but by that point we’d totally switched off. It was like bad Babylon Five, and Babylon Five is bad Star Trek.

The film makers robustly defended the film saying:

These people are never going to be satisfied. We even took out Barack O-Satan which some had ludicrously claimed had a resemblance to the current President. Our audience is not interested in the opinion of NASA or anyone else enslaved by the oppression of facts.

The Son of God is currently in theaters.

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