HOLLYWOOD – The mythical land of Narnia – first featured in the C.S. Lewis novels and later film adaptations – has been discovered to actually exist in Wyoming.

The land of Aslan and the Ice Queen was thought to have been merely a work of the imagination, but it was discovered on Thursday just north of Laramie.

Police Chief Harmon Likewise told The Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I love The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. I took the young uns to see them. Little did I know that it was right here on my doorstep, so to speak. Under my very own nose. Of course I thought there was supposed to be a sea and eternal winter or something, but maybe Mr. Lewis just made that bit up.

Prof. Peter Greensdale – a Levite from Cambridge University – said that the discovery was ‘historic’.

For years we believed that C.S. Lewis had based Narnia on an Italian town called Narni. But on visiting Narnia, Wyoming my doubts vanished. There are talking animals, magic mythical beasts and bewildered English school children wearing pajamas.

Narnia has been bought by Farley Hamptons who has promised that the whole area will be developed commercially.

This is an opportunity like no other. We see a theme park, shopping malls, and Mr. Tumnus’ strip club, for the dads. Of course some of the more disturbing elements are going to have to go. Everything seems to be some kind of Christian allegory and we could shed some of that. After all this Wyoming, not Utah.

Morgan Spurlock’s documentary The Lion, the Witch and Wyoming will be broadcast on the Discovery Channel this evening.

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