don’t like fantasy films or Disney animations. They corrupt the minds of the young by introducing them to the supernatural and pretending such things exist in reality. Look at the film Frozen, for example. Now I’ve lost count  of how many times I’ve tried to create a talking snowman, we’re talking hundreds of attempts but they’ve all been failures and if I can’t make one, then who the hell can?

I’m a big admirer of The Passion of the Christ . It’s hilarious. One of my favourite comedies of all time. Mel Gibson is a modern day Mel Brookes but his humour is so subtle it went over many peoples heads.

I think if Mel’s first choice, Leslie Nielsen, hadn’t dropped out due to a scheduling conflict the mockery would have been more transparent. Nielsen was born to play Jesus and I think it’s one of the great missed opportunities.

Aside from the torture scenes which never fail to, no pun intended, split my sides. I dearly love the moustache twitching Jewish priests. I remember being at a showing in Iran and every time they came on screen someone at the front held up cards with BOO /HISS written on them and the audience participation really enhanced the cinematic experience.

It’s just brilliant. The Spinal Tap of religious films and whenever I’m feeling low after yet another debate with a pontificating priest or misguided mullah. I know that Mel’s comedy masterpiece is there to cheer me up.

Five Stars *****

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