HOLLYWOOD – Hi, Everyone! Donald Sterling here. Formerly owner of the… well never mind. Still makes me sad to think about it.

Anyhoot, I’m not here to talk about matters relating to my recent troubles. Rather I want to escape and what better way to escape than by escaping into the darkness of the old Movie House. And this is one of my favorite films into which I wish to escape.
Soul Man is a HILARIOUS comedy. It was made in 1986 but it still holds up today. If anything, it is more relevant now than it was then. 

Mark Watson – played by the Daniel Day Lewis of his day C. Thomas Howell – has got a place at Harvard to study law, but because of his feckless father can’t afford the fees and so resorts to a blacks only scholarship which he wins by taking tanning pills to make himself eligible. Ha HA HA HA! I’m laughing just thinking about it. 

But as well as being a knock down funny hilarity fest, Soul Man has a very serious point to make about racial intolerance. You see, why should there be black only scholarships? Isn’t that the worst racism of all? Worse than racism against anybody else? Worse than slavery even? I mean, if people are racist to white people, what is the world coming to? White people aren’t used to it. We can’t ‘jive talk’ our way out of it, or dance well, or any of those other attributes which our dark skinned brothers can profit by as well as their ‘scholarships’. Soul Man is in some ways the most serious films I’ve ever seen. As well as being hilarious.

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