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ROME – It was revealed today that Benito Mussolini – one time Duce of Italy and founder of the Italian Fascist Party – was in reality Donald Trump’s grandfather.

The Republican Presidential hopeful, demagogue and Reality TV star Donald Trump is directly related to Benito Mussolini, it was revealed today. Diego Zucchetto, Italian historian and political commentator, told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

Benito Mussolini era il nonno di Trump da parte di sua madre. Lei andava nei Stati Uniti quando era piccola e non sapeva nulla di sua parentela. Comunque se guardiamo qualche foto, particolarmente quelle quando il Duce era giovane, si vede una somiglianza abbastanza notevole.


Oh sorry. I said Benito Mussolini was Donald Trump’s grandfather.

Okay, right. Is there any proof?

Proof? Well, you only have to look at the photographs of the Fascist leader as a young man and there is a striking resemblance. Plus Donald Trump is in possession of no birth certificate for his mother. Plus his own political leanings are obviously inspired by his own far right bloodline.  Mussolini was also a demagogue who was given to the grand political gesture that led his country into disaster. So all in all you can see a picture emerging of  what we have to look forward to, should Donald Trump become President of the USA.

Donald Trump is currently preparing Season 11 of The Apprentice.

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  1. Hallo Jürgen,

    I think we should get together for “coffee time” so an American can fill you in on why the USA went for Trump. As my x-boss, who once said “if you pay them enough they will be your slaves” you are very much in line with the way the HilLIARy Clinton machine is run in America.

    I find this post very true to your general views and I support your right to express them but I also find it a shame that you do not, and never did, understand Americans.

    Best wishes,

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