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HOLLYWOOD – Happy go lucky sons of millionaires Mumford and Sons are to star in a quirky updating of Three Men and a Baby. But this time there’s four of them and the baby will be a black child!

The surprisingly long plot synopsis states:

Beloved of Investment Bankers and common folk alike, Mumford and Sons – the ‘authentic sound of the credit crunch’ – are charging onto our screens to the sound of roaring mandolins in Mumford and Sons and a Black Son. Set in New York, the boys rent a three story apartment overlooking Central Park and begin work on an album. One day a mysterious package appears and the Sons are bamboozled to discover a black baby inside, with a note claiming the baby is the result of a backstage fling (or jig as it would be called in the ‘Old Country’). Against all their natural instincts, the boys decide to let the kid hang around in the haphazard and unpredictable ‘folk pop’ environment. High jinx ensue as the lads audition a series of – like – really funny nannies to take care of the baby. Eventually settling on Queen Latifa (unusually playing herself), the band rehearse their album, but all is not as it seems. Could it be possible the mysterious mother is someone close by?

MUMFORD AND SONS AND A BLACK SON will be released this Christmas.

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