HOLLYWOOD – The Motion Picture Association of America has released details of the new M certificate which is to come into effect later this year, following huge demand from audiences. MPAA Chairman and CEO Chris Dodd explained that the addition to the rating system – which includes  G, PG, PG-13, Q, R and NC-17 –  came as a response to disappointment at many of the Summer blockbusters, especially Man of Steel and World War Z:

This certificate indicates underwhelming content and will help audiences decide whether they wish to see the film which will be okay but, you know, nothing special. 

The M certificate – which stands for “M’eh” – will be the second recent addition to the familiar certificates, following the introduction last Spring of the Q certificate, a certificate specifically designed to warn the public of extensive Quirk and used above all for Wes Anderson films (for more on that story CLICK HERE). Josiah Bartleby of the Audience of America Association welcomed the move:

We are laying out for top dollar prices and even Mega Tickets (for more on World War Z Mega Tickets CLICK HERE) for essentially okay-ish material. If the films were downright bad it would perhaps be better, because at least then we could at least have the pleasure of ripping them to shreds. Instead audience are filled with nihilistic despair as they exert themselves trying to like films. The AAA has anecdotal evidence that some fatalities have occurred. 

The first film to be released with the M certificate is likely to be Roland Emmerich’s White House Down.   

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