anne of green gables

HOLLYWOOD  – Breakfast Club and Pretty Pink star Molly Ringwald is to star in the new reboot of Anne of Green Gables.

Based on the 1908 novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables has been widely acclaimed as a classic novel of friendship and childhood. A new Netflix sequel to the novel will star 80s icon Molly Ringwald in the title role. Molly spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about her return to acting:

I’m a huge fan of both the novel and the original TV show. It’s a role I’ve always wanted to have a go at.

So are you going to play her as a grown woman?

No, you’d think so wouldn’t you? But we’re simply remaking the original story. I’m playing her as a thirteen year old girl. I know that sounds a little weird but they’ve got great make up now and we’re using forced perspective like they did on the Hobbit. Oh and Ally Sheedy will be playing my best friend Diane.

That sounds…

Exciting I know. I think it’s time to return to some innocence on TV. People have had enough of meth dealers and gangsters.

Anne will drop on Netflix in 2017.

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