HOLLYWOOD – In a break with tradition, Christopher McQuarrie the new director of the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible franchise has stated categorically that the next Ethan Hunt mission will in fact be ‘possible’.
The genius team who brought Jack Reacher to the screen with such explosively flatulent results was only announced today, though the teaming had been long expected. The collaboration, however, marks a definite break with the conventional formula. 
McQuarrie spoke exclusively to the Studio Exec:

Up until now all the missions that Ethan Hunt and his team have gone on have been quote, impossible missions, and although in the end he’s managed to complete them more or less, Tom ain’t no spring chicken and this time we decided we should cut him some slack. 

 So the mission will in fact be easier?

Yep. I mean Ghost Protocol, he had to outrun an exploding Kremlin and climb a goddam skyscraper in Dubai. I mean Jesus. Cut the guy some slack. He’s only Thetan for crying out loud.

So will you be changing the name?

What? Are you high? Of course we’re not going to change the name. What’s it going to be? Mission Doable? Mission Age Appropriate? Who’s gonna see a film with a name like that?

Mission: Impossible 5 will be released in 2015. 

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