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HOLLYWOOD – Air licker, twerker and DIY enthusiast Miley Cyrus shocked fans worldwide today when she declared that she would be killing a puppy every week ‘for laughs’.

According to Miley Cyrus information distributor IMDb, the former Ms. Hannah Montana, 21, has been psychologically damaged by the loss of her beloved dog Floyd, even singing a song to a twenty foot high inflatable replica during a concert. The site reported that on her mother – Tish – gifting her a new puppy, the Cyrus had tweeted: ‘Woken to Moonie kisses this morning. He’ll never replace my beloved Floyd and so must die. #LOL!’

Animal groups have reported that Miley Cyrus has five rescue dogs at her mercy and has boasted that she would off one every week ‘for shits and giggles’ in what have been described by her entourage as weekly ‘drowning parties’. Some have accused the young star of copying Lady Gaga who has been wearing the corpses of her freshly murdered kittens for years now. 
Miley Cyrus’ new film Donkey Dong will be released in 2015.

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