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LONDON – Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams have bought a toy store in London, sources revealed today. The pop duo, who recently appeared together in Pharrell’s new video for ‘Come Get it Bae’, put up half stakes in legendary London toy shop Hamleys.

Miley Cyrus told the Studio Exec exclusively:

I’ve always wanted a toy store and I was talking with Pharrell and he said he always wanted a toy store as well. We’re both ridiculously wealthy and so we decided ‘Hey! Why don’t we just buy a toy store? Then we’d just have exactly what we want!’ So we did.

Hamleys of Regent Street is the oldest and most loved toy shop in London. It opened in 1760 and is one of the largest toy shops in the world. A spokesperson for the store – which was also featured in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut – said that they were confident that the new owners would respect the historic value of the shop. ‘We have been delighting children and adults for hundreds of years,’ they said.  Pharrell Williams said:

We love Hamleys and are going to be very, very respectful. But we’re also going to change the name to Bounceyz and we’re going to fill it with crazy sex toys and put in a bar, a sauna, a hot tub. We’re not going to let children in any more and we’re just going to sit around in our pyjamas having wild parties.

Bounceyz will reopen in October.

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