NEW YORK – According to rumor, Mila Kunis has signed on to play Andrea Dworkin in Jane Campion‘s long-awaited biopic of the radical feminist, Dworkin

The news – as yet unconfirmed – has already met with some opposition from feminists. Jayne Detroit of the Woman Against Hate (WAH) movement said:movies 2013

Here we have one of the foremost critics of the objectification of women, an opponent of pornography in all its forms and a life long militant in the feminist movement and she is going to be played by someone Esquire judges to be the sexiest woman on the planet. As if they’ve even properly looked.

However, noted New Zealand film maker Jane Campion reacted with anger at the criticism:

No one can tell me who to cast and who not to cast. I’m not prepared to comment specifically on this situation except to say. I’ve traveled far and wide and Mila Kunis is the sexiest woman on the planet I am yet to meet.

The Piano and Bright Star director went on to say:

This is a project close to my heart. Andrea was a wonderful woman who did a lot for women and especially in criticizing their objectification by the male gaze. That said she was no oil painting and this film is going to be three hours long, so perhaps someone easy on the eye, like Ms. Kunis, would be perfect.

Filming on Dworkin is due to start at 8.37 am, Wednesday the 9th of June. As yet we don’t know the year.

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