Wednesday 2 December 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – Mick Jagger has announced he will star in Freejack 2: Jumping Freejack Flash.

Freejack 2: Jumping Freejack Flash will star rock god, Mick Jagger.

Hot on the tails of the 1992 mega smash hit Freejack, Jagger has announced the sequel will start shooting next month. The Studio Exec caught up with the frontman who told us all about the film:
“It’s going to be wild, just like you knew it would, man. This time, I aint no street fightin’ man. I’m like Anthony Hopkins was in the first film. I can’t get me no satisfaction, because I’m near death. So, under cover of the night, I go back in time and I’m this midnight rambler waiting on a friend who I can possess and be young again. I feel sorry for him, because you gotta have sympathy for the devil, man.

I fall in love with a girl called Angie and I think time is on my side but I become addicted to gambling and she leaves me because she’s not under my thumb. I just can’t stay away from those tumbling dice, wild horses couldn’t drag me away. Then Emilio Estevez shows up and he’s like, ‘What’s the matter with you boy? You’re a fool to cry.’

I asked Keith what he thought about the script and he said it made perfect sense to him. That was good enough for me. We’re making this thing, it’s gonna be out of sight man.”

Freejack 2: Jumping Freejack Flash starts shooting next month.

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