HOLLYWOOD –  Michael Shannon joins Tommy Lee Jones’ Are You Being Served?

The major Motion Picture adaptation of the BBC sitcom Are You Being Served? is going ahead with the release of the first character posters. The first features a typically intense Michael Shannon as Mr. Humphries. The actor has carved a career of intense performances.

‘I’ve studied Inman,’ said the Take Shelter star. ‘I’ve studied him every day for seven hours a day for fourteen years. And remember this was before Tommy told me that there was even a chance of there being a film. I did it because I AM MR. HUMPHRIES. SO GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!’

Tommy Lee Jones will play Captain Peacock and Oprah Winfrey will be Mrs. Slocombe. The project has taken over ten years to come to fruition. The British sitcom from the 1970s gained a cult following in the United States after it was shown on cable throughout the 80s.

‘For many of us young guys, Are You Being Served? was like a Baptism of FIRE!’ says Shannon. ‘We didn’t just watch it – although obviously we did that too – we studied it. I’ll never forget when I first met Al Pacino and all we talked about was Are You Being Served? Man, those were the days!’

Are You Being Served? comes out in 2022. 

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