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HOLLYWOOD – Michael Moore is set to return to cinema screens with his revealing documentary of serial killer Ted Bundy, entitled The Hidden Man.

Described as a change in direction, Michael Moore dropped by to discuss his obsession with Ted Bundy, who confessed to thirty homicides and was executed in 1989.

I’m aslways getting hit with this political thing. As if that’s all I can do. Fahrenheit 9/11 and Capitalism: a Love Story fed into that but really I’m interested above all in people and why people do the strangest things and Ted Bundy is about as strange as they come.

There have been many documentaries and books about Ted Bundy. What will make your film different?

We will reveal the ‘hidden man’ behind the legend of the monster. Hence the title. One of our major revelations is that Bundy was an active member of the Republican Party. Yes, he was a serial killer; yes we’ll never know exactly how many victims he murdered, but what we do know is that he was active at a high level in several campaigns in Washington State. He was involved in the re-election campaign of Governor Evans in 1968 and was hired as an assistant to the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party.

But surely his politics and his psychopathy were unrelated?

Who’s to say? All I know is that the GOP are certainly not keen to be reminded that Ted Bundy was one of their number and an active and enthusiastic member of the party.

Ted Bundy: The Hidden Man will be released on Tuesday.

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