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NEW YORK – In a shock move today, Fox News announced that Michael Moore will be joining the Fair and Balanced team to partner up with right wing commentator Sean Hannity for a new show to be called Hannity & Moore.

A nervous looking Moore – who is most famous for radical left wing documentaries like Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine – read from a prepared statement:

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I have long berated Fox for its bias and yet I have also admired the technical skill with which it reaches out to an audience and provides them with entertaining propaganda. I – in my own little way – have tried to do likewise and when Mr. Rupert Murdoch personally telephoned me and said ‘Michael, come and join us, put your point of view, receive into your back account several millions of dollars’ it was very hard to refuse and so I didn’t.

Moore will be replacing Alan Colmes who previously duked it out with lunk Hannity on behalf of liberals, or
alternatively was an insect like punching bag that allowed Fox to pretend it was unbiased while loading the dice in the favor of conservatives. Sean Hannity said that he was excited at the opportunity to tear a strip off of Moore:

Me and Mike disagree on practically everything so there’ll be plenty of fireworks and before you ask, yes I am going to call him fatso every opportunity I get. The fat f*ck.

Others on the network were not as welcoming. Bill O’Reilly for one said that now Fox News would be unbalanced because ‘Moore’s so Goddam fat’.

Hannity & Moore begins next Thursday on Fox News.

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