michael moore

ROME  – Reports are coming in that controversial film maker Michael Moore has managed to penetrate Vatican security and smuggle an entire camera crew into the conclave.

An anonymous source, believed to be a member of the papal Swiss guard told The Studio Exec that although there has been no communication with conclave and the outside world about Michael Moore, suspicion has been aroused.

At the last minute we had three Cardinals turn up from America who nobody had ever heard of. Cardinal Washington was extremely tall with a very long neck which we now suspect was a boom mic. Cardinal Jefferson claimed the suitcase he was carrying was a portable dialysis machine and Cardinal Lincoln told us the large rucksack on his back was his packed lunch. We never had time to check their credentials as the door was about to close so we just ushered them in.

Moore is suspected of leading the infiltration after he started posting on his twitter account that he was in conclave.

We thought he was joking around.” said his agent Ross Flake. “But it seems Mike is actually in there!”

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