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HOLLYWOOD – Michael Keaton is to reprise his role of Beetlejuice and Batman.

The veteran superhero actor, Michael Keaton is to reprise his role of Beetlejuice in a brand new Batman film. The announcement comes hot on the tail of the news that Keaton will return to play Batman in the upcoming The Flash film. Because of a multi-verse created by The Flash, Keaton will play an ageing Bruce Wayne to act as a super-mentor.

Following this news, Warner and DC have announced Keaton will also star in a multiverse standalone Batman film where he faces off against Beetlejuice. This means that the ghostly clown will be considered ‘canon’ in the DC Universe.

But the Keaton casting news doesn’t end there. Previous Keaton characters will go toe to toe in the new Batman film. Talking snowman, Jack Frost, smart talking 30s wiseguy, Johnny Dangerously and psycho landlord killer Carter Hayes from Pacific Heights will face off against his Batman in the new movie.

‘Because Keaton is playing so many characters, we’re only going to have pay about four or five actors in total.’ Said a DC insider, ‘We’ll save a fortune in actor’s fees.’

‘If this film makes money, we’ll bring back even more Keaton characters in the next film. Because of the success of Birdman, we’d be crazy not have him as another villain. We can also get him to play as many Doug Kinney clones from Multiplicity as we dare get away with. We can milk this cow for as long as we want.’

The Studio Exec asked if these announcements undermined Robert Pattinson’s upcoming stand alone Batman film.

‘Who’s Robert Pattinson? Was he that guy who was knocking one out to a nasty mermaid with the Green Goblin in a lighthouse? Hey, did Michael Keaton ever play the Green Goblin?’

The Flash goes into production early 2021.

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