NEW YORK – Actor, producer, husband and son, Michael Douglas is famous for such films as The China Syndrome, Falling Down and Fatal Attraction, and now has written his memoirs Michael Douglas: Yodelling in the Canyon. The Studio Exec has received advance copies and we are going to be publishing extracts over the following weeks.
On Romancing the Stone:

I remember watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with my pal Danny DeVito and saying, “I wish we’d done that.” Then I got to think, why not do it anyway? I call Bob Zemekis and he’s up for it, we find a script and off we go. Kathleen Turner agrees to play opposite as the female lead and we head off for Mexico.

It’s no secret that me and Kathleen didn’t exactly hit it off. In fact we had screaming matches from day one and I’m embarrassed to say that I was often the one screaming the loudest. Usually this would upset the crew and co-stars, but my chum Danny seemed really relaxed and happy. In fact, he was scribbling notes in-between takes. He’d come along to the restaurant and sit their scribbling away as me and Kathleen yelled and spat at each other over the entrées. Imagine my surprise years later when the script for War of the Roses turned up. It was Kathleen and I, almost verbatim. “Danny, you little asshole!” I shouted at him. But he just laughed his head off. What a character!

 Michael Douglas: Yodelling in the Canyon will be available for sale shortly. 

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