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HOLLYWOOD – Michael Bay has promised to make a new Transformers film every single year, ‘because I don’t like people’.

With the release of Transformers: Last Knight hopes ran high that this might be the last, but director Michael Bay was quick to nix that particular sunbeam. He spoke with Studio Exec this morning:

Every time I do a Transformers movie chatter starts about how this might be the last. I’m getting sick of it. Anthony Hopkins said I was a genius. A genius. Sir Anthony Hopkins! But I get no respect. None. So I’ve decided every year I’ll make a new Transformers film. I’ll do a spin off first: Bumblebee. Then I’ll do another chapter of the main saga. Transformers colon then a word or phrase like Annihilation or Armageddon or Pink Helmet. And on and on. And you can’t stop me. You hear? No one can. Because I’m a genius!

Why do you hate people?

They’ve always been against me. They hated Pain and Gain. All of them. They screwed up my presentation when the autocue wouldn’t work. They pretend they don’t like Transformers, but then they go and see them. I can tell what they’re up to when I leave the room. Even Megan Fox hates me. Megan Fox! So screw them. That’s what I say.

Anthony Hopkins apologized to everyone.

I didn’t realize what a monster I had created. I was only trying to be nice. But Micharl Bay seemed nervous and he’s very sensitive to criticism so I said he was a genius.

Transformers: Pink Helmet will be released in 2019.


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