Saturday 24 October 2020
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BERLIN – Head of the Jury at the Berlin Film Festival, Meryl Streep has sought to clarify her comment about diversity – ‘We are all Africans’ – EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec saying that she has been preparing for her role as Rachel Dolezal in a new film.

‘We are all Africans,’ says Meryl Streep, responding to accusations that the Berlin Film Festival lacks diversity and features an all white judges panel. The response was immediate and aggressive as many wondered if the Oscar winning actress had been dropped on the head. As it turns out, Streep was simply channelling a role that she was preparing to play in a new film Different: The Rachel Dolezal Story, where she has taken over from Emma Stone.

This is so embarrassing Exec. Sometimes I go so far into a character it becomes very difficult to work out where I end and the character begins. I remember I’d wake up the middle of the night sometimes shouting ‘The dingoes ate my baby!’ and it would take hours before I got back to normal. As for Berlin I have been preparing the role in the new film of Rachel Dolezal’s life. Of course I’ve read the script and I’ve researched the part intensively and I guess something just kind of seeped in.

So you don’t believe we are all Africans?

Of course we all are Africans originally, but to ignore what happened in the fifty thousand years since is a little stupid to say the least. We could just as easily say we are all star dust or we were all single celled organisms at one point. It’s true but not necessarily helpful when thinking about racism in the twenty-first century.

Different: The Rachel Dolezal Story will be released in 2017.

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