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HOUSTON – Ground control to Major Scoop! Melissa McCarthy is set to re-kindle the flame with her The Heat  co-star Sandra Bullock in Gravity Too: Heavy Orbit.

This time around Bullock is part of the rescue mission sent to recover McCarthy’s character who is locked in a ‘battle of wills’ within the orbit of the planet Jupiter. Writer and Director Alfonso Cuaron has promised more of the same thrills we experienced in the original.

The first question you have when considering a sequel is, how do you top yourself? Our answer was more gravity, and – according to our friends at NASA – Jupiter is full of it! Add the formidable presence of Ms. McCarthy and you give the thing real ‘gravitas’. It’s an epic showdown with the gas giant. And there’s Jupiter too! Ha ha. No? Okay.

McCarthy is now in training with NASA specialists.

Gravity Too: Heavy Orbit will be released in December 2015.

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