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HOLLYWOOD – When you see Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road, it will be as the young version of Max and George Miller has confirmed that we won’t be seeing a cameo from the original star Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about his history with the franchise and his current projects.

When George came to me and said they were going to do a new Mad Max film, of course I was excited to do it. But this was back in 2000. And a lot of things happened in the meantime and I also got older. So the chances of me playing the character in the way the script and the story needed became very slim. When they finally decided to go with Tom I was really pleased. I think it serves the film much better.

Will there be a cameo from you?

No. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted the new film to stand very much on its own two feet. At least that’s what George said and I’m very protective of the franchise and so what George thinks is right can go. You have to remember I was only a kid when we made the first film. I remember reading the script. It was called Nutty Nick and was much more broadly comic than what we ended up filming.

Were there any other differences?

We didn’t have much money and so all the car chases you see are done with the same car. And when we had to crash into another car for some reason we would just go out on the road looking for a car to crash into.

Didn’t that get you into legal trouble?

We all went to prison for about a year. Fortunately the film was a hit, so it was worth it. But George is always so committed to making his films as real as possible. When he filmed Babe most people wanted him to overdub the pig, but George was so committed to realism he spent six years training the pig to actually talk.

 What about new projects?

I’d like to do some more directing. I’m working on a prequel to the Passion of the Christ, which will be called Bethlehem. And I’ve been writing volume two of my autobiography, which I hope will lay to rest some of the more toxic rumors.

It’ll be great to see you back on top.

Thanks. Hopefully if I can keep my big mouth shut, I can do something special.

Volume 2 of Mel Gibson’s autobiography – Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews – will be available from all good bookstores shortly.  

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