HOLLYWOOD – Christopher Nolan‘s Science Fiction epic Interstellar is not due to be seen for another eleven months, but one of its leads Matthew McConaughey has spoken for the first time about his performance and the tone of the film.

‘It’s a hilarious romp and I think people are going to be pleased to see me back doing what I do best,’ said the McConaugh-a-tron. ‘Playing a likeable hunk – not too bright – with a Texan drawl that is just dreamy.’

Leading McConaughassaince scholar Dr Dirt E. Beardsley spoke exclusively to the Studio Exec:

Mud, Killer Joe, Dallas Buyers Club, and the TV series True Detective, these were all interesting experiments, but what we want to see is Fool’s Gold, Sahara and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. That’s the real McConaugh-a-tron. Not this actor asshole. Lets get him back to leaning on Kate Hudson in posters. Am I right?

 The news comes as a relief to the universe which has been feeling out of balance of late, what with Inside Llewyn Davis missing out on the Oscar nominations and all.

 Interstellar will be released in December, 2014.

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