max von sydow

HOLLYWOOD – Famous Swedish actor and star of films such as The Seventh Seal and Flash Gordon, Max Von Sydow has released a set of seven DVD comprising an entire course of Zumba that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

‘The routines are relatively gentle,’ said the Septuagenarian Sydow. ‘But you’ll be feeling the burn and having fun at the same time.’

The DVD sets have been flying off the shelves with Amazon reporting that its stock are almost completely exhausted. Industry expert Jackaly Parras said that Sydow’s appeal ‘is probably due to his work in Ingmar Bergman’s films. His presence – whether it’s the knight with a crisis of faith or the worried husband in Through a Glass Darkly –  is perfect preparation for presenting a new fitness fad based on South American rhythms and Colombian dance.’

Joe Pesci has announced that he is releasing a Pilates program that he has been developing for years.

‘Way before that oblong headed asshole even knew what a squat thrust was,’ said the very angry Pesci. 

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