HOLLYWOOD – Matthew Broderick has finally ended years of speculation and admitted that Bruce Springsteen is a fictional character he has been playing on and off for decades.

In an exclusive interview, Bueller told the Studio Exec:

It’s all started when I guest starred on Taxi and Andy Kaufman and I got gassing. He was finishing a stint as a Welsh actor he concocted. I can’t remember the name, Richard … something. Anyway it seemed like a fun piece of performance art, to blow off steam between movies, so I invented the ‘Boss’.

Are you killing off the character completely?

Yeah man I think it’s time. These world tours, Jesus, it’s exhausting, especially when you can feel that the joke just isn’t funny anymore. I mean, back when I wrote and recorded Born to Run, it was just a silly jape to flesh out the character, and I’m really glad people bought into it but I think it’s run it’s course. Satirical albums like Born in the USA, sure I could knock out one of those in an afternoon for my own amusement but it’s just become a bit of a day job.

So what are you going to do with all this free time?

I’d like to just be a straight actor now I think. Movies like Godzilla, which were companion pieces to the Springsteen project were also a fun diversion but I think I want to get away from that kind of surrealist comedy thing. The beast as the manifestation of the comedy persona running rampant etc. I’m done with it. I think I might ditch my other characters too.

Surely you’ll keep some of the old favorites?

No, clean slate I think. It’s time to put the Michael J Fox character to bed too. I mean it got dark for a while there. And as much as the character fits like a sock I’ve just ran out of places to take him. As for Val Kilmer, I just can’t take another day in that facial prosthetic, besides, he never really took off anyway; a lot of people simply don’t find the character funny.

Any new ‘straight’ projects lined up?

Not until I complete my Magnum P.I. contract; apparently there was some small print about a TV movie that we never got around to in the 80’s, so for a one off I’m putting the old ‘tache back on and doing the old Tom Selleck routine. Just one more job and I’m out.

Magnum P.I. will be released in 2016. 

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