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HOLLYWOOD – Once the news had come through that Ben Affleck was to play the caped crusader, the Dark Knight, the …  erm Batman, then it was a no brainer who would play his ward and sidekick, Robin: Matt Damon. And so it proved.

The Good Will Hunting actor spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Studio Exec:

I’ve always thought Dick Grayson was the more interesting character and me and Ben have talked for literally minutes about how we would go about the different roles and their relationship if we ever got the chance. And what would you know, we got the chance.

Warner Bros. confirmed that Damon was on board for the Man of Steel sequel, alongside Ben Affleck. 
‘It was kind of Ben’s idea,’ said a studio source. ‘We’re not mad keen, but when Affleck turned up to negotiations, he came with his agent and Matt Damon dressed in this Robin costume Matt had made himself.’
We asked Damon how he envisioned the character.

Well, first off he’s going to be a lot smarter. Like genius smart. And at some point during the film it would be great if – as a subplot – he bought a zoo.

 Batman Vs. Superman  will be released in 2016.

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