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HOLLYWOOD- Hugh Jackman has confirmed plans for the future of the Wolverine franchise with a new film scheduled every year for the next century. The Studio Exec has received a copy of the list of planned titles from an anonymous source and it looks like old Logan is in for one hell of a ride:





Wolverine in Africa

Wolverine takes Manhattan

Wolverine and Son

The Good, The Bad and The Wolverine

Paint Your Wolverine

Anna Karina Vs Wolverine

Die Hard With a Wolverine

Das Wolverine

Three Men and a Wolverine

Star Wars: The Wolverine Strikes Back

Sympathy for Mr Wolverine

Old Wolverine

Swallows & Wolverines

The Wolverine wears Prada

Apocalypse Wolverine

One Flew over the Wolverine’s Nest

The Silence of the Wolverine

The Lives of Wolverines

Requiem for a Wolverine

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Wolverines

No Country for old Wolverines

How to Train your Wolverine

The Hobbit: An unexpected Wolverine

Dial W for Wolverine

The Diving Bell and the Wolverine

Inglorious Wolverines

Reservoir Wolverines

The Maltese Wolverine

Gone With the Wolverine

Bring me the head of Wolverine

Pat Garrett and Wolverine

Wolverine on a hot tin roof

When Harry Met Wolverine

The Birth of a Wolverine

Snow White and the Seven Wolverines

The Wolverine who loved me

From Russia with Wolverines

Wolverine without a cause

The Sixth Wolverine

All the Presidents Wolverines

Weekend at Wolverines

Les Cage aux Wolverine

All about my Wolverine

Goodbye Wolverine!

Iron Wolverine

Wolverines of The Caribbean

Wolverines with Dirty Faces

Calamity Wolverine

Seven Brides for Seven Wolverines

Frankenstein Meets The Wolverine

The Day the Wolverine Stood Still

A Wolverine in Paris

To Kill a Wolverine

The Wolverines of Cherbourg

Night of the Living Wolverine

Little Shop of Wolverines

The Pink Wolverine

A Clockwork Wolverine

Blazing Wolverines

Close Encounters of the Third Wolverine

Saturday Night Wolverine

Wolverine doesn’t live here anymore

The Wolverine who fell to Earth

The Man who would be Wolverine

Enter the Wolverine

Full Metal Wolverine

My Left Wolverine

Wolverines on the verge of a nervous breakdown

The Last Temptation of Wolverine

Wolverine’s List

Dances with Wolverines

Wolverines ‘N The Hood

Glengarry Glen Wolverine

Four Weddings and a Wolverine

Scent of a Wolverine

The Wolverine Vs Larry Flint

There’s something about Wolverine.



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