HOLLYWOOD – Marvel Studios are developing a Kickstarter motion picture to feature a new super hero.
The crowd-funded film would be unique in introducing to the Marvel Universe the brand new character of KickStarter (Ben Affleck), by day an accountant who cares only about money and numbers but by night he is transformed into KickStarter, someone who sits at a laptop and pledges money to get the movie of his favourite TV series made, or a film by Zach Braff. Marvel president Kevin Feige said that they were very excited about the project:

Well, A. it’s cheap and B. we could make quite a bit of shiny coin from this venture. We’re already thinking Quadrology.

Do you have a story outline you can give us?

Story? Pfff! We have Affleck. We have a name. We have some numbers that we’ve worked out and we’re tied in with an internet thing that geeks like. What’s not to like?

 Kickstarter should start filming later this year.

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