Mark talking yesterday

Mark Hamill has revealed that he is considering returning as Luke Skywalker in the new Disney version of the Star Wars franchise. ‘I have been approached by George [Lucas?], and he seemed keen for us to have roles in the new film,’ said Hamill who shot to fame as the voice of the Joker, before landing the role of the farm hand who turns Jedi knight before discovering his father is responsible for genocide and an irresponsible method of cutting other people’s fingernails [SPOILER ALERT].

I told them I would like to do it but I do need time to consider all my options. After all, Wednesdays I’ve just signed on for Joe Pesci’s Pilates class and Joe’s very strict – if I don’t show I still have to pay for the lesson.

Hamill who also lost a nut in Robert Aldrich’s The Big Red One said he believed other cast members had been approached. ‘I know Harrison Ford is very keen, because his career is basically in the toilet,’ said Hamill. ‘But Billy Dee Williams is very taken with his Korean noodle restaurants and Chewbacca is doing Shakespeare at the Globe this season.’

For more news on Star Wars just don’t be brain dead this year and you’ll get enough to make you vomit in your own mouth.

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