HOLLYWOOD – Despite a previously lukewarm reception for Justin Chadwick’s biopic Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced this morning that the film has been nominated for 12 Awards.

“It’s true that the majority of our members were not bowled over when they first saw the picture,” said Academy president Cheryl Isaacs:

But the fact is that most of them had been suffering from food poisoning after consuming some suspicious turkey sandwiches at Jack Nicholson’s Thanksgiving after party. They were not in the right frame of mind to watch a film about one man’s struggle against apartheid but after some hastily arranged screenings late last night, it was unanimously decided the movie was a visionary masterpiece.

CEO of IMDb Col Needham also confirmed via twitter that a record 100 million over night votes has pushed Long Walk to Freedom straight to the top of IMDb’s infamous Top 250.

“I’ve not actually seen it myself and yet part of me knows that it’s the greatest film ever and thoroughly deserves it’s place at the top of our chart,” said a gushing Needham.

Bookmakers have already made it odds on favourite to sweep the board at next year’s ceremony and many potential Oscar winners are so convinced that they no longer stand a chance they have decided to skip the show and make other plans:

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