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HOLLYWOOD – The Man in the High Castle Season 2 will feature Donald Trump and Ben Carson speeches unaltered.

The Amazon Original series The Man in the High Castle created by Frank Spotnitz and based on the book by Philip K. Dick posits an alternative history in which the Nazis and and the Japanese won the Second World War and America as a defeated power lives under their laws and power. The first season has been a great popular and critical success, leading to talk of a second season to begin filming early next year.

A source close to the show has revealed EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec that the second season of the show footage of Ben Carson and Donald Trump’s primary campaign will be featured ‘to add authenticity.’

The second season is going to bring history up to date and we wanted to include something from right now.In the first season we see what the 60s would have looked like if the Nazis had taken over. Now we want to see what the new millennium would look like. We looked around for people to use and of course the GOP debates have been rich in a wealth of material. The best thing is we don’t even have to change the rhetoric for it to fit in with what the American Nazi Party would be happy with. Talk of refugees as rabid dogs, registering religious minorities, maybe even getting them to wear some kind of symbol. A star perhaps, or a crescent moon.

However, Jeb Bush will not be featured because of his long held stance of wanting to build a time machine, go back to April, 1889 and kill freshly born Adolf Hitler.

The Man in the High Castle: Season 2 will be released in 2016.

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