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HOLLYWOOD – Brian Akewith has just been diagnosed with cancer but he still believes that moment was funnier than anything in Zac Efron and Seth Rogen’s Bad Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.

Being diagnosed with cancer is terrible, really terrible, I think we can all agree on that. And Brian Akewith of San Diego, California received the news at his doctor’s office in the company of his wife.

It was difficult to take. When someone actually pronounces those words. They’re immediately talking about treatment and options, but your mind is racing and you don’t really hear them. It will probably still take some time to sink in. And yet even in that moment both I and Caroline managed to joke about it and our doctor is also a guy we’ve been going to for a long time so we are a little like friends. It was horrible news, but we dealt with it well and we walked out of his office with some hope.

In order to pass some time and help them take their minds of the dilemma they decided to catch a movie before heading home.

I had seen the original Bad Neighbors and I thought it was likable in a dumb way so we thought why not.

However, what they had hoped would come as some much needed comic relief turned into a nightmare.

We just sat there wondering about the void at the center of all life. I mean what hope is there. I even began to feel angry. Seth Rogen is going to be making these dumb movies and chances are I’ll be gone. It just doesn’t seem fair.

Comparing the two experiences, Brian was clear.

I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to be diagnosed with cancer, but I really wouldn’t want them to see Bad Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. At least with the cancer diagnosis, there was that bit where we told a couple of black jokes and we all actually laughed. Plus cancer diagnoses don’t star Selena Gomez.

Bad Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is on general release.

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