f*cking furious

TEXAS – Terrence Malick – director of The Thin Red Line and The New World – unleashed a scathing attack on fellow director Sam Mendes, after the latter betrayed him by taking over the Bond franchise.
The Tree of Life director and famous recluse – who believed he was to direct the next instalment (Click HERE for more) – was reported to be seething and told the Studio Exec:

I’m absolutely livid. I’m completely cheesed off. If it wasn’t for the occasional bit of glory and some wonder now and then I wouldn’t know what to do.  

Apparently, Malick had been convinced that he was going to be the next director to be granted the privilege of helming a Bond film.

I distinctly heard Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson whispering to me – “Bond, Malick, brothers, who is it who will direct this film?” Now of course that’s not a contract so to speak, but for dirty ex-Mr. Winslett to sneak in and whip it out from under me. Well, dog gone it, my hackles done rose.

Daniel Craig was despatched to Malick HQ with a bottle of Jagermeister to try and make the peace, but returned with a shiner and a promise from Malick to ‘whup that limey’s ass’.

Bond 24 is coming out and going to be made before that.

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