HOLLYWOOD  George Miller, creator of the Mad Max and Happy Feet franchises has announced they form part of the ‘Millerverse’.

The Mad Max and Happy Feet creator has stated they share the same universe in plans to create the ‘Millerverse’.

“It was the obvious move for both franchises.” stated George Miller from ‘Toecutter’, his Australian ranch. “Max has spent decades being sad and mad. Why not find a way to make the poor bastard happy for a change? That’s when I came up with the idea that through the power of Penguin dancing, he could finally become happy.”

“We’ll get Elijah Wood to reprise his character of Mumble the Penguin. He’ll befriend another mumbler in the shape of Road Warrior Max. At first Max will just try to blow Mumble’s fucking head off with his sawn off shot gun. But because Mumble can tap dance so well, he persuades Max not to kill and eat him during a big musical number. It’s gonna be a real sweet moment.”

“Max eventually learns to stop killing everything he comes across. So, he puts down his gun and takes off his one shoulder pad. Why did I give him just one shoulder pad? How annoying is that, right? He also takes up tap dancing. He has to because Tom, bless him, can’t stop fucking mumbling either. I blamed Chrissy Nolan at first and his shitty sound mixes. But when you’re with Tom, it’s weird. He will be clear as a bell when you speak to him but, as soon as cameras roll, ‘Murmurmurmurmur’. It’s un-fucking believable!”

“But we aren’t stopping there with Mad Max and Happy Feet. I plan to bring in Babe The Pig and Jack Nicholson from The Witches Of Eastwick, which I also directed. Imagine Nicholson’s Daryl Van Horne running around in the desert with a talking pig! I did think of brining in Nick Nolte from Lorenzo’s Oil, but that was a step too far.”

Mad Max And His Happy Feet starts shooting in the fall.

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