Thursday 1 October 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – Last night I got a chance to see – along with some other Hollywood insiders – a rough cut of Mad Max: Fury Road, the new take on the Mad Max series, starring flavor of the hour Tom Hardy

The first thing I suppose I ought to say is that the special effects had largely not been completed and so there were very few, if any, in the version I saw, which obviously means a large part of the film didn’t make much sense and there was far more talking than you probably would expect from your average post-apocalyptic road movie. That said the post-apocalyptic landscape was really dark. By which I mean I couldn’t see hardly anything. It seemed to mostly take place, almost completely, at night. He drives along the motorway and there aren’t actually any chases, or crashes, at least not in this version. Again they’ll probably be added later. 

Tom Hardy is excellent as Max, but he takes him – as you’d expect – in a totally different direction. First, of all he’s Welsh. He has a beard and he talks gently to people, except when he gets a bit upset (or mad I suppose). It’s a much more subtle, nuanced characterization, as he spends a lot of time talking about a ‘cement fill’ and working out some problem he has with his wife and another woman! 

To keep the journalists away and the whole thing very secret they showed the film under another name. And I was quite impressed with the lengths they went to, even dubbing the name into the dialogue so that Max was called Locke throughout the film. But all this will be cleared up by the time of the film’s release sometime next year. 

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