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HOLLYWOOD – Comedian Louis CK is to stage his comeback with a cutting edge show: Comedians Masturbating with Louis CK.

Louis CK saw a promising career disappear almost overnight as allegations of his sexual harassment of women came to light.  However, as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey are both reportedly eyeing comebacks, CK obviously thinks his time has come. No pun int…. okay maybe I did mean it.

We spoke with him:

I got the idea from Jerry Seinfeld. He actually piloted the show after he thought the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee format was getting tired, but he went away to do Bee Movie instead.

What will the show be about?

Well, before I went away, I said that I wanted to dedicate some time to listening. This show will mainly be me listening to other comedians telling me that I should come back. And then we jerk off together.

Right. Wait. You what?

We jerk off. I get naked stand blocking the door way and just get down to it.

But isn’t that…

I ask first.

Yes, but that’s the…

And the beauty is it’ll be funny because it’s true.

Comedians Masturbating with Louis CK will be available from LouisCk.Net 



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