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HOLLYWOOD – Controversial comedian Louis CK replaces Kevin Hart as Oscars host.

The Academy Awards have chosen Louis CK to host the 91st edition of the Oscars this February. The decision came as a shock, as many were still reeling from a stand up set he had done which leaked online. The set had jokes about the Parkland victims and the Trans community. But the Academy today issued the following statement:

Following recent controversy, we have decided that esteemed comedian Louis CK should host the Oscars. We know that Louis has a record of saying inflammatory material and then there’s the business of his masturbating in front of unwilling women, but in the end we thought oh f*ck it, let’s roll the dice and see what happens.

Sources close to the comedian say that he is stoked to be chosen and will be giving it his all.

Louis has been waiting for an opportunity to come back and I think with this gig he’ll finally have a chance to speak directly to people in a way that he knows best.

Rumors that he is will masturbate from the stage into the audience as a Jimmy Kimmel style bit are unconfirmed. One member of the Academy told Studio Exec:

He’s not asked our permission to do it, so there’s a good chance he will.

The Oscars take place February 25th.

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