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NEW YORK – Popular comedian and actor Louis CK launches breakfast cereal.

Louis CK has a new stand-up special on Netflix and a nutritious breakfast cereal: Louis CK Flakes. The occasionally shocking comedian spoke to Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about his new line in breakfast foods.

I’ve always been interested in breakfast cereal ever since I was head writer on the Dana Carver Show. That didn’t last long. We actually got cancelled after seven episodes. We made eight but they only showed seven. What are you going to do? But it was then that I had already been bitten by the breakfast cereal bug. Me and Steve Carrell would talk about our favorite cereals all the time. I remember he really liked corn flakes and I did too. So we bonded.

So tell us about Louis CK Flakes.

They’re essentially like cornflakes. I mean store brand cornflakes. And we just put my face on the box. But they’re delicious. I went around the whole country eating cereal and I think I found the best for quality price ratio.

So what’s next?

A milk-based beverage. Something you drink hot. With just milk. We’re calling it Louis CK Hot Milk.

How does this relate to the comedy?

No connection whatsoever. It’s more like Horace and Pete.

Louis CK special is on Netflix.

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