lou diamond phillips

NEW YORK – News broke today that Lou Diamond Phillips has bought a hat.

Young Guns and La Bamba actor Lou Diamond Phillips today has bought a new hat. News came in early this morning, as photographs of the eighties icon surfaced wearing what he told reporters was ‘a new hat’. Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, Diamond Phillips seemed in a buoyant mood.

It’s really Jazzy, don’t you think? For years I kinda avoided wearing hats because of the blue black lustre of my wonderful hair but then as I got older I was tempted. Baseball caps never really did it for me. I don’t know why. They just didn’t say Lou Diamond Phillips and ultimately that’s what a hat that Lou Diamond Phillips is wearing has to say. This one for instance says that loud and clear. Maybe with a whisper of Jeff Goldblum.

Where di you get it?

Oh a hat shop.

Lou Diamond Phillips will be appearing in The Last Train, to be released in 2017.

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