WELLINGTON – Kiwi and Heavenly Creatures director Peter Jackson has announced that he is in pre-production on a stand alone movie that will see him return once more to Middle Earth: Tom Bombadil.

The constantly singing herb loving hippy was a character that Jackson excised from The Fellowship of the Ring much to the chagrin of many fans. In the original Tolkien book, Tom turns up in the Old Forest as the Hobbits flee the Black Riders and gives them all magic mushrooms and plays them Ozric Tentacles albums, or something. Jackson initially expressed regret:

I would have loved to have had Tom in the film, but it slowed down the story and at the time, I actually cared about things like pace! How young I was, how naive!

To make up for lost time, Jackson has already committed to a seven picture deal. 

Although Tom only appears briefly in The Fellowship of the Ring, there is masses of stuff in the appendices, not actually about him. But I think if Tolkien was here today he would be saying to me, Go on, Peter mate! Exploit my intellectual property for all it’s worth. And I fully intend to do it.

As for casting, Jackson says nothing is certain but ‘we need someone who can sing and dance and act and grow a large beard and so Jeff Bridges, don’t go making any plans.’

Tom Bombadil: A Totally Expected Spin Off will hit screens sometime in 2015.  

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