LONDON – Now generally speaking if I see three words on a movie poster I tend to run in the opposite direction and those words are ‘Starring Sandra Bullock’. That sound you hear are the thumping footfalls retreating into the distance of a hefty Studio Exec.And yet the perhaps the most amazing thing the big spectacular 3D space extravaganza Gravity does is not the outrageous space, the 12 minute single takes, but the fact it makes me run willingly toward precisely those three words.
I had an opportunity to talk to the Bullock about the filming and she revealed some of the secrets:

People think that we did it all in computers but that what the producers said to get the health and safety brigade off their backs. What they did was fire me and George into space using giant catapults and then film the scene in twenty minute segments before we fell back to Earth. People think it’d be dangerous but the facts if me and George are both made of Teflon and it was actually a lot of fun.

Before I could get any more details, she was bustled away by security, leaving me to ponder the wonders of a universe that has just produced a great film starring the woman from The Blind Side.


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