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HOLLYWOOD  – Following the massive commercial and intellectual success of Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans which changed the conversation of the world and some say lead indirectly to the electoral victory of Barack Obama, a sequel to complete the trilogy was inevitable and so it has been said and so it will be so, with Litigation of the Titans set for a Summer release.
Director David Mamet says that the latest instalment sees hero Perseus played by ‘actor’ Sam Worthington, leaving Greek law school under Pericles (Bill Nighy) when his horse Pegasus is involved in an accident involving uptight Head of Faculty Draconian (Sam Neill).

‘This is a real change of direction,’ Homicide director, Mamet whispered. ‘We’ve had Krakens and Zeus and all sorts of nonsense, but I thought let’s go in a different direction, less mythology and more miffed-ology.’

Sam Worthington grinned, ‘It’s great because under David I don’t have to do any “acting” as such. I just say shit like objection, and side bar.’

But won’t there be less drama?
No, not at all. Because there really are some interesting by laws that have been infringed and the set piece about precedents is breath taking,especially in 3D.

Litigation of the Titans will be released in 2014.

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